About Us

undefinedHayward and its people distribute top quality goods and services to thousands of retailers in the Midwest and across the country. Our commitment to all of our customers is to provide prompt and accurate delivery with the full understanding that their reputation and livelihood depend on our performance. Our systems and functions are constantly improving to make conducting business easier. Our success is directly linked to our suppliers and customers as we strive for wholesale excellence.

Over thirty brands of varied products combine to offer many retail opportunities. Three different and dedicated sales groups in the  company focus efforts on supporting the brands. The diversity of our offering opens new doors for our existing customers and attracts new customers who recognize the value of our regional coverage. Information shared and readily available is part of our operational standard. Our staff is always professional, courteous, and ready to help in any way. 

Over seventy years of dedication to promoting improved business practices has led us to performance standards unmatched by other companies. We work tirelessly to improve market share, prove our worth and exceed expectations. As a company, we look forward to changes in technologies and future developments that we can use as tools to keep moving forward.

Our Founder


Mr. D. T. Hayward (pictured on the right) began the company as Ohio Ford Tractor in 1947. He was born in Springfield, Ohio and spent his life as a sales and marketing specialist dedicated to support of retail outlets. Known for his wit and gentlemanly manor, Mr. Hayward successfully guided the organization through three decades. An avid golfer, a mentor to many and a recognized business leader, he left his mark on several industries in the Columbus area.